Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can`t win!

Well, I have enterd this month full of enthusiasm and prepared to crush the NL50 pond already. But meeh ... I decided not to :P

Actually joke aside, month again started like shit and now I am just really down in my psychological and emotional side. I just don`t know how to play and stay motivated, I can`t see any goals being reached anytime soon. I read some good posts from ganeshe`s blog when he had it rough and I think I am kinda in the same spot.

It sucks too work hard on your game, really put as much thinking as I can in poker and than not being able to show good result. Than I start asking myself, how much are other winnig regs confronted with situation of beaing ahead on turn like dunno eg 75% or 85% or 93,5% favourite on turn, to loose on river. Then my thought usually goes, "do these reg players than fold river?" ... "do they push more flop turn".

I swear to good I have the image of hem procentage already burned in my cranium even before I play the hand. That is not good I know.

So the last few days I am mostly watching a few videos from dj sensei and preparing for the statistics exeam which is on firday (oh the irony). That is another reason why I didn`t feel like grinding.

Shorty post but there is not much to say. Next report when I start winning (stop whining)! :P 
Till next time guys, take care!


P.S; Got three subscribers! Woohooo :) Thanks guys!

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